What is Chancery Court?

Chancery Courts are Tennessee trial courts that exclusively hear civil matters. Historically, Chancery Courts are court of equity that are based on the English system in which the Chancellor acted as the “King’s conscience.” Today, Chancery Court judges (officially referred to as a Chancellor) are empowered to hear most civil cases, including those that seek equitable remedies such as injunctions.

Chancery Courts regularly preside over lawsuits involving Tennessee constitutional issues, contractual disputes, employment disputes, construction disputes, state tax disputes, and applications for injunctions. Chancery Courts also hear appeals of local government actions, including appeals from a variety of local boards and commissions.

The Davidson County Chancery Court is also the court of appeals for a number of administrative agencies, such as the Tennessee Department of TennCare, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the Tennessee Department of Commerce, and others.

Chancellors of the 20th Judicial District of the State of Tennessee


Part I
Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman
Year Elected: 2003


Part II
William “Bill” Young
Year Appointed: 2016


Part III
Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle
Year Elected: 1996


Part IV
Russell T. Perkins
Year Elected: 2008

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