Scott’s Pledges

If elected as your next Chancery Court Judge, Part II, I pledge to uphold the following values:


I firmly believe that our courts succeed only if our judges remain impartial at all times. If elected, my top priority, each and every day, will be to address every judicial decision as a fair and impartial decision maker.

Hard Work

I have been a hard worker since my first job as a junior in high school. If elected, I will work hard, each and every day, to ensure that the Court runs efficiently and effectively every day of the week.


Like the Tennessee Supreme Court, I am committed to the principle that all citizens should have access to the courts, regardless of their socioeconomic status. If elected, I will continue to support the mission of the Tennessee Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission.

Ethics and Public Trust

I pledge to strictly adhere to Tennessee’s Code of Judicial Conduct, to act ethically as a public servant, and to foster the public trust by reliably and transparently applying Tennessee law.